Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Treadmill Motivation & Geese

Monday I did half of a progression run.  I don't know why.  I was on the treadmill and 3 miles in it came time to increase the pace, but stopping seemed like a better option.  I was sweating quite a bit and working hard at it, but as I walked home from the gym, I felt like I wasn't even tired.  Maybe that's a good thing, but then again it was only 3 miles so it shouldn't feel hard to me.

I did the first mile in close to 9 minutes, then the next 2 at 7:30 and 7:19, respectively.  I was trying to take it a mile at a time, but wasn't having it I guess.  I wasn't in a bad mood or anything, I was just super bored and yes, it was hard, even though I ran 18 miles of the marathon at 7:30 pace and plan to run a half marathon even faster than that.  Actually, Sara Hall, a professional track athlete, tweeted this a few days ago:

It really is true.  A 7:30 pace on a normal day feels like I'm really working, but during the marathon, it felt so easy to maintain for a long time.  And outside, I feel like I could run like 5 times as long without nearly as much problem as on the treadmill.  Last week I did the  same progression run I was aiming for this Monday, but made it through the whole 6 miles.

I don't know why one day can be fine and I can get through it without as much difficulty and then another day all I want to do is stop.  And the problem with the treadmill is that you can just stop running at any time.  You can't do that outside.  You can't go out for a 6 mile run and get 3 miles away and decide you're done, because you still have to get back home.

There's nothing left to do though except get over it and focus on the next run.  At least I had 2 miles at a faster pace than my standard 8 minute.  Gotta work in that pace variety!

Yesterday, I decided to take a slightly longer lunch break and go for a run outside.  It was very chilly, but I bundled up and wore my new hat.  I didn't bring a watch, but mapped out the run to about 5 miles.  The first and last half mile were super slow because of traffic lights and pedestrians, but once I got to the lakefront, it was smooth sailing (aka running...all the boats are gone from the harbors!)

I ran south on the path to the museums and Soldier Field and then headed back north the same way.  It was very nice and peaceful compared to my runs on the lakefront this summer.  In the summer, the path is crowded not only with runners, but also bikers and I'm still afraid I'm going to get hit by one again.  But running in the middle of the workday in the chilly weather means very little people outside!  But as I've said before, I watch too many episodes of SVU to feel safe running out there by myself, with few people around, next to a lake.

But I wasn't just worried about human predators.  There were so many geese!  If one of those things came charging at me squawking with its beak out, I'd have no choice but to go dive in the lake.  I wish I took a picture of the geese.  Next time I promise I will.  I need to get better about taking pictures!  But I also don't want to stop TOO much during a run for pictures.  Oh well, all about balance.

How do you motivate yourself to keep going on the treadmill when it's so easy to stop?

Have you ever been threatened by geese or other animals on a run?


  1. We went to Mass at Lutheran General one time when I was like 9. Afterward, a pack of geese started hissing violently at us, mainly at Mary Ellen. She was NOT pleased, and Barry had to come to the rescue. They definitely were out to harm. They are violent creatures, and I don't like them either.

  2. I am definitely feeling the treadmill blues! Running outside is so much nicer and easier to do than being trapped on a treadmill due to bad/cold/dark weather. I have been trying to come up with a plan for motivation too. I guess all we can do is start small and if I really want to stop I will take a quick walk break which really seems to help. I think our mind needs that break more then the body on the treadmill.

  3. I need really good music to take my mind off the treadmill (or elliptical, which I like better). Your pace is prob too fast to read, but if I'm reading something it helps too!