About Me

Hi!  My name is Colleen and obviously my last name is Smith.  It's basically the coolest name out there, hence its popularity.

I love running!  There's obviously so much I can say about running, which is why I started this blog.  So here's some other background info on me:

I am a mid-20s girl, living, working, and working out in Chicago.

To make myself a living, I am a CPA...but that's the boring part of my life.  In actuality, I am way more awesome than the boring, stereotypical tax accountant you are probably picturing.

I have amazing friends and family.  They are simply the best.

(These are my brothers.  I have lots of other awesome family members too - parents, cousins, etc.)

I asked one of my best friends (Grace) what I should write here about myself, and she said:
"My name is Colleen, but I wish it was Katy.  I don't like wings, and rely on fruit punch when I'm hungover. I'm very afraid of dogs, but love a good coffee table dance party."
So for some explanation on that:

I really love Katy Perry...every song is great.  Teenage Dream is the best song ever.

Besides just fruit punch, I drink insane amounts of chocolate milk.

I have weird eating habits.  I never tried wings until the summer of 2011 and have still never eaten a hamburger.  I used to pretty much only eat plain pasta and peanut butter on toast.  Since college though, I have expanded my horizons and now eat like a real person...sort of.

 I am afraid of dogs and always have been.  It runs in the family.  All the girl cousins on the Smith side of the family have dog issues.  However, my family decided it was a good idea to get a dog once I went away to college.  So now I love my little Bailey.

Who could turn down a good dance party?  Every house at the University of Dayton (Go Flyers!) came with standard furniture, including a coffee table.  They are STURDY and are perfect for dancing on.

I do have one more tidbit to add:

Tom Hanks is in all of my top 3 favorite movies - Forrest Gump, You've Got Mail, and Toy Story (all 3).  I can quote all these and many other movies very well.

So that's that.  I hope you'll gather any other necessary information about me through reading my blog!


  1. I'm glad I found your blog! I'm also a running accountant. I hate the stereotype that comes along with being an accountant!