Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Give A Girl The Right Shoes...

I wasn't planning to post again today since I usually only post once a day, but I decided to pop in and tell you about yesterday's run.

For starters, yesterday's run was at a normal time of the day and not at 9pm like Monday's speed workout.  It felt weird walking into the gym less than 12 hours after I had left the previous night.

The run ended up being 5.5 miles in 43:30 for an average pace of 7:54/mile.  I started the treadmill at 7.0 and increased the speed by .1 every time the song changed, ending at a speed of 8.1.  I had no real plan for the day, but wanted to get in over 5 miles.

I ultimately decided to call it quits at 5.5 miles because I was so so bored.  I guess that's what I get for saying yesterday that I haven't minded the treadmill that much lately.  And I really haven't, but yesterday I was just not feeling it.  I was unbelievably restless and just wanted it to be over.

I would've like to go farther, as I said last week I want to change what to consider a "normal" run to be closer to 7 miles than 5.  But hopefully that will get easier to do when I can run outside again.  I'm really looking forward to spending some time at the Elk Grove Forest Preserve where the loop is 7.5 miles.  So as long as I hit that up (and run the full loop) a few times a week, I'll be golden.

I was pleased with the average pace though.  I know I had also said a few weeks back that I'm going to try to not really care about my pace as much right now and just get the mileage in.  I've been doing a good job at that I think, but it's also harder to do on the treadmill, whereas outside I can just go by feel.

In other news... I've been playing around with PicMonkey lately and am going to try to make up my own cool graphics and such.  Here's one I just made last night :)

I have a feeling Marilyn Monroe was talking about a different kind of shoes...

PS - Those are my beautiful pink Nike Flyknits that I've been running in a lot lately.  They are minimalist shoes, which I'm not sure yet how they will be outside, but they've been great on the treadmill!  And my poor yellow Timex watch that has been getting neglected since I got the Garmin for Christmas.  Actually the Garmin has been neglected to due to the polar vortexes and snow.

I'll pin this and any future graphics I make on Pinterest and I'm sure I will put them on Instagram as well, so make sure to follow me there!

This is also going to encourage me to start taking more pictures!  I know I keep saying that I need to, but do you really want to see the inside of a gym or a picture of the treadmill dashboard?  It's not that thrilling.

Do you use PicMonkey or any other photo editing program to make graphics?

What shoes do you run in?

What is your favorite non-running shoe?  I really love my pink Sperry's.  And my purple Hunter rain boots because those have been a God send all winter.

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