Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Introducing Speed Work Into My Life Again

You read that right - I did mile repeats last night.  And yes, you read correctly again - I did them last night, starting around 9pm.

But that worked out well because I got to watch ice dancing while I ran.

I'm glad the Americans won (I knew they would because I had received the CNN spoiler alert notification in the morning), but I really liked the Canadian pair too.  I think Tessa Moir looks exactly like Katy Perry.  I'd definitely be OK with having the body of one of those ice dancers.  They are more fit than me!
But I know you're dying to hear how my mile repeats went! So without further adieu, here's the workout I did:
2 miles warm-up
2 x 1 mile fast w/ .25 mile recovery
1.75 miles cool-down
The entire run was 6 miles in 46:10 for an average pace of 7:42.  I did my 2 warm-up miles starting at 7.0 and increasing gradually every few minutes until 7.5.  My first fast mile I set at 6:58 and my second fast mile I set at 6:49.  The recovery and the cool down were at 8:00 minute pace.  I'm really happy with how I felt, but I definitely would have struggled if I were to do another fast mile.

I wasn't really sure what type of run or workout I would do when I got to the gym, especially since it was so late at night.  But I felt good when I got on the treadmill so decided I'd go for it.
My goal for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k, which is my next race on March 30, is to run 7 minute miles.  I haven't come up with a specific training plan for it yet, but I will definitely try to work in speed work and tempo runs at or faster than 7 minute mile pace, while still maintaining mileage of about 35 miles per week.
I think it has been beneficial for me to gradually introduce speed work like this into my runs.  Last Monday, I only did 1 fast mile in the middle of my 5 mile run.  The gradual introduction has been good for me for both physical and mental reasons.  I don't want to set too lofty of goals for myself right now and then get upset if I don't hit them.  I will have plenty of time for that over the summer when I am really training.
I have to say that right now, I feel proud of myself after every run, just for getting it done....especially since I have been on the treadmill for over a month now.  Is it weird that I am actually really OK with the treadmill?  I don't think I'd even be doing this speed work if I was outside.  I like starting a run with no expectations and just going on how I feel for the day.
And a few other closing tidbits:
- We didn't just have snow today, we had thundersnow!  That was weird.
- Erin and I got our nails done for her birthday - mine are green, ready for St. Patty's Day a month early.
- I am in the small minority of Americans that do not like Chipotle.  I really hate cilantro, therefore, I don't like Chipotle's rice.  I heard that you can ask for plain rice without cilantro, so I thought I'd give that a try today and it was in fact true that you can get plain rice.  The meal was MUCH better without the cilantro and I think I will join the majority now and say that I like Chipotle.
Do you ever run or workout late at night?
Do you like Chipotle?


  1. Welcome to the cool kids club (aka. Chipotle Lovers). We're honored to have you!

    1. Thanks! Do I get a gift card or something for joining?

  2. I just re-added speedwork to my training too! I'm easing into it by doing mile repeats at my tempo pace because this winter has seriously sucked all the speed out of me.
    I love chipotle! and LOVE cilantro!