About My Blog

Hello Friends! (there are no strangers here, just friends I haven't met yet)

I have been logging my runs on a website (www.running2win.com) for a few years.  I track my mileage and write a few sentences about the run, how I felt, etc.  Then I started reading a lot of blogs.  Blogging looks fun.  I'm already pretty awesome at telling pointless stories and giving way too many details on the trivial parts of my runs and my life.

So I want to bring that skill to the blogging world as my personal creative outlet, to connect with new friends, and hopefully provide some entertainment and motivation to others!

If you also like running, Katy Perry, the University of Dayton, or eating carbs, then we are definitely friends already and you will love this blog, I promise.  If you don't love those things, that's OK too because I write about lots of things.


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