Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday Runday & Big News!

I surprisingly am not getting too fed up with the treadmill right now.  Maybe because I've been doing it so consistently that it's just become routine.  Routines are good.  If I was used to running outside and then forced inside by the weather every once in awhile, it would be like a punishment.  But since right now there isn't another option and hasn't been another option for weeks, it just seems normal.  Also, as I highlighted in a previous post about the positive aspects of treadmill running, I really like that I can set my pace.

For example, yesterday I decided to throw in a fast mile in the middle of my run:

.5 miles @ 7.0
.5 miles @ 7.2
.5 miles @ 7.4
.5 miles @ 7.6
1 mile @ 8.6
2 miles @ 7.5
Total of 5 miles in 39:45 (7:57 average pace)
I was in a particularly good mood (I'll share why in a just a minute), so I decided I should try out some speed work.  I haven't done speed work since probably September, before the Chicago Marathon.  And I didn't want to do anything crazy, but I knew I could handle to go a little faster since I have been finishing most of my treadmill runs at faster than 8-minute pace.  After a 2-mile warm-up, I increased to 6:58 pace for a mile, then back down to 8:00 pace for the remainder of the run.  It definitely wasn't the easiest mile, but not super hard either.  My main struggle was that I forgot both a headband and a water bottle.  And since I have short side bangs now, it was rather uncomfortable running with that hair bopping around in my face/eye the whole time.

After the run, I went to the locker room to gather my things, and found a nice little treat waiting for me (and all the other female patrons of the YMCA):

Someone must work for Hallmark and had all these leftover Thanksgiving cards, because there were a ton of nice Hallmark cards!  I took one of each variety (so like 12 cards total)...  now I need to remember in 9 months that I have these cards to send out.  This one is my favorite (I actually took 2 of this design):
Alright, well that's enough fluff - onto my big news!!  I found out yesterday that I've been selected as a ZOOMA Chicago race ambassador!!  I'll be promoting the race, running it myself, and helping out with all the fun events and training leading up to the race!  I'll have more info on specifics later, but mark your calendars for Saturday, August 9th for the ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon and 10k!  I'll have a promo code soon so you can all get 10% off your entry fee too :)

What do you tend to forget most when you go to workout?

Do you like sending greeting cards?


  1. Congrats on your big news! :). And yes, I LOVE sending greeting cards (e-cards are just not the same). For the last couple of years I have been even making my own cards (mostly from my photography) and selling some of them on in my POD shop (one of my dreams is to have my own greeting cards line one day) . Oh, and I get even more excited when people send me real greeting cards. Postcards are awesome too, but I, myself, have not received any in ages.

  2. Woohoo, congrats!! That's so cute about the thanksgiving cards- I don't think I've ever given or received a t-day card?! Also, side bangs floppin around are the WORST! I try to always have bobby pins available to take care of that situation, haha.