Friday, February 21, 2014

An Unplanned 2-A-Day

As you are probably well aware, Chicago has been the victim of feet upon feet of snow.  And then magically, it got warmer yesterday.  Ok so it's not magic, it's science.  But for the sake of the story, let's call it magic because it seemed as if warmth would never come our way.  But alas, the warmth came and the snow melted.  But wait, it gets better.  Then it rained ALL day.

Despite the wet conditions, I still thought I would try to run outside yesterday morning.  I couldn't not take advantage of the first time temperatures were above freezing in as long as I can remember.  So I put on my fave long spandex, a long sleeve, and a short sleeve and headed on my way.  I didn't even bring my iPod because I thought I would just enjoy the pure fact that I was not on a treadmill.  Well, that and although it wasn't raining when I left, I was worried I would get rained on and I didn't want my iPod to get wet.  The poor thing has it hard enough dealing with my sweat.

I expected some puddles, but this was so much more.  I had to either run through small lakes or figure out ways to get around them - which often meant going into the street and weaving around parked cars, etc.  And some parts were slippery because temperatures were getting closer to freezing and causing all the water to turn to ice (more science).  So basically, I felt like I was not getting in a good workout and it was not worth it to keep trying to get through all the water and ice so I decided to call it quits at 2.3 miles.  I had the Garmin and I believe my miles were 8:07 and 8:3x (don't remember exactly).

Fast forward to the evening and I was back at the running again.  I wasn't satisfied with the short morning run since I took Wednesday completely off.  I had no real plan when I went to the gym in the evening, but soon decided I would do a tempo run.  It wasn't a long tempo, but still a tempo.  It went like this:

2 miles warm-up between 8:34 and 8:00 (7.0 - 7.5)
1 mile @ 7:19 (8.2)
1 mile @ 7:13 (8.3)
.5 miles @ 8:00
Total - 4.5 miles in 34:45
I'm happy with how I felt although I know I need to be doing longer tempos...or at least a long warm-up/cool-down to up the mileage.  But for now, I am really happy with it.
I think what I hate most about treadmill running (especially today) is how sweaty I get.  I like that the YMCA has huge fans, so I actually am cold when I enter the area wearing only my shorts and tank, but once I get going I can't control the sweat.  What I don't like about the Y is that they charge you for a towel and I always forget to bring my own!  But even when I do have a towel, it sucks having to wipe your face every few minutes (or more often).  I guess when I'm outside I don't think about it as much.  But when I'm running on a treadmill staring at myself in the mirror the entire time, there isn't much else on my mind except wishing I could stop and clean my face with soap and water.  (Not soup and water as I almost just typed, that would be gross...)
So now that I've most recently left you visions of either my sweaty face or washing your face with soup... let's get something happy and fun in here.  It is Friday after all!  But not just any Friday.  It's my dad's birthday!!!  This is a photo from his 31st birthday:
That beautiful, red-haired baby in his arms is me, along with some of my cousins.
And a more current picture of us:

My how hair colors can change.  Dad is on his way to Vegas right now for his birthday :)  I hope he'll come back with a present for me.

Do you ever do a 2nd run/workout in the evening if your morning run doesn't go as planned?

Have you been to Vegas?  What was your favorite part?

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  1. My favorite part about Vegas? That's easy. Everything.