Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shake It...on the Treadmill

On my training schedule for yesterday was a paced progression run.  Progression run = get faster each mile, or half mile, or whatever increment you choose.

I don't have a Garmin (I used my mom's occasionally this summer, but gave that back to her.) and I don't fully trust myself with pacing outside.  And it was a little chilly/rainy and dark.  So that all led me to the treadmill.  I'm sure I will have many treadmill workouts to share with you in the coming months.  Here's what I did last night:

1 mile warm-up @ 7.0 - 8:34
1 mile @   8.0 - 7:30
1 mile @   8.2 - 7:19
1 mile @ 8.4 - 7:09
.75 miles @  8.6 - 6:59
.25 miles @ 8.8- 6:49
1 mile cool-down @ 7.0 - 7.3 - 8:34 - 8:13

According to the plan, I was supposed to do a 6 mile progression run for 8 miles total.  But I was OK with just the 4 for now and don't think I could've kept the pace on there much longer by myself.  What I decided is that each week, I'll build up either mileage or speed.  For example, maybe next week I'll do a 4 mile progression run again, but start at a speed of 8.1.  I would like to keep doing it to teach myself to run faster at the end of a race and not start out too fast.

(Photo from Pinterest)

Total time was just under 46 minutes I believe, for an average of 7:38 per mile.  The 4 mile progression run averaged 7:13.  However, apparently running on a treadmill is "easier" since there is no wind resistance like there is when you run outside.  I know this is true, but I also don't believe running on a treadmill is easier than outside.  It's just so so boring and that makes it harder for me.  But do check out this treadmill pace conversion chart to see what your pace outside would be: Treadmill Pace Conversions

I decided my favorite running song right now is Shake It by Metro Station, so I put that one on at the end of this run.  It makes me wish I was dancing instead of running though.

I felt really good after that run.  Actually for the first minute or 2 after I stopped, I did not feel that great.  I stopped after the first 5 miles, took a quick walk up and down the row of treadmills just to shake out a little, then hopped back on for my mile cool-down.

Then I managed to do very minimal arm weights that probably shouldn't even be considered weight lifting and planks.  However, I made up for it today when I went to the gym at lunchtime to get in some solid strength training.  I'm still working on a routine of circuits to do and once I figure it out I will share it here  :)

These are two articles I enjoyed today:

Validity of Boston Marathon Qualifying Times written by a professor at the one and only University of Dayton.

A tweet of the day:

I actually am a morning person, even though it wouldn't appear so since I haven't done a morning workout in so long.  They have all been after work workouts lately.  So my goal is to get back into the morning workout routine.  I definitely do love to have my cup of coffee every day though!

And don't forget to VOTE today (and every day through November 10th!!) for me to win a spot in the 2014 Boston Marathon!!  VOTE HERE!! 

What kind of workouts do you like to do on the treadmill?

What is your go to song when you need to get pumped up?

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