Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Want to Run For Boston in 2014!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or received and email from me or read this post about my upcoming race plans, you'll know that I recently entered a contest sponsored by PowerBar for a chance to run in the 2014 Boston Marathon.

My Chicago Marathon time was Boston Qualifying, but registration for 2014 was already filled.  This contest is for people who have a valid qualifying time, but did not get in.

Please click this link to my entry and VOTE! (You will have to log in to Facebook.)  You can vote once a day and please please do (including TODAY. Right now! I need as many votes as I can get.) Facebook voting is open through 11/10 and this is what determines the top 10 entries...so that is 6 days you can vote!!

Then, a panel of judges will select the top 4 stories to win entry to the 2014 Boston Marathon, as well as a bunch of free swag - a customized training plan, VIP race day experience, a GPS watch, athletic gear, etc.  The other 6 in the top 10 that don't win entry to the race also get a GPS watch and athletic gear...so let's prove I'm super popular and get me into that top 10!!


Here is the exact story that I submitted to the contest:

During my final year of college, I ran the 2010 Columbus Marathon in 3:28:55. I was pumped to have qualified for Boston – and in my first marathon nonetheless. I distinctly remember sitting in the library debating whether to register and deciding against it. A few days later I had a change of heart, but it was too late; the Boston Marathon was full. My next chance was the 2011 Chicago Marathon.

But that summer I started working full-time as a CPA at a Big 4 accounting firm. I had limited time and energy to train, which resulted in a disappointing 3:58:23 – significantly slower than my Columbus time and a far cry from my BQ standard. I thought I would never qualify for Boston again. I was physically out of shape and mentally done, too. Running was not my “thing” anymore, and I needed to accept that.

But this past January, my best friend convinced me to run the Chicago Marathon again. I thought that just maybe, with her help, I could get myself up to speed (quite literally). I had set-backs and by no means followed my training plan exactly, but I trained better than ever. By September, I knew a PR was attainable (Yasso 800s in 3:17!), but I was still nervous to run another marathon. On race day, I finished in 3:23:15, and proved that I am stronger than I think. My personal comeback felt amazing, and I want to be there for Boston’s comeback. 

And the link again ---> VOTE FOR COLLEEN!!

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