Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Should Put My Crafts on Pinterest

I probably really shouldn't put them on Pinterest...they aren't anything super creative.  But I wanted to share a few things I've been working on over the past week or so.  Some are running related, but a few non-running related projects too, just for good measure.

Race medal display contraption - This was pretty easy to put together thanks to Ikea, although I'm not sure it's set in the wall as good as I'd like it to be.  This is where I'd like to officially complain about the fact that I don't have a boyfriend to do it for me, but hopefully it's nailed in to the wall good enough.  I don't want to keep adding more bling and have it come crashing down one night while I sleep.  But just to add, I hung my own curtains when we moved in over a year ago and that hasn't fallen yet!  Right now I just have 3 medals from my most recent races, so I'll have to get my others from my parents' house.

Picture frames - Three of my best friends got married over the past year and a half and I had a really good picture with each of them on their wedding day, so I wanted to put those 3 pictures in frame and finally got around to doing that.  I also printed some new pictures for the frames I currently have in my bedroom.

I couldn't get a picture without the reflection of my iPad in the glass.

Fake flowers -  My room is very girly and filled with fake flowers.  Fake flowers are awesome because they never die and they are cheap.  I got the vases at Ikea about a year ago with some fake flowers, but I just added more to the vases this week.

That cute little lantern was a previous Ikea purchase.  And the jar with marbles was a project I did with Katie this summer.  My crafts obviously aren't very advanced - putting fake flowers in a vase, putting marbles in a jar, putting a candle in a lantern.  They are all cheap and look good though.  That little decorative plate type thing to the left is also from Joann Fabrics and is a nice little dish for my hair accessories.  And while we're at it, the Kleenex are from Walgreens.  Just a plug to get my mom's stock up.

Also on display is one of my favorite cards I received from my friend Brigitte.  It says, "When I'm President, I'm gonna settle all disputes with a dance-off" and she informed me that I would be her dancing VP.

A body pillow - We already had a body pillow at my parents' house, but I wanted to cover it in fabric that would match my bedroom in my apartment.  Now it's pretty and purple and comfy.  And, as a full disclaimer, I actually didn't have any part in making this pillow cover at all actually.  I simply picked the fabric and then my mom did the real work.  I am not good at sewing.

Marathon scrapbook display frame - I did this for my first marathon, and decided to do it for the Chicago Marathon (this year's) I guess I should make one for the 2011 Chicago Marathon too just to be fair, even though that one wasn't anything special.

Jewelry/scarf holder - I haven't done this yet because I left the other curtain rod at home on accident, but it's essentially going to be the same as the medal holder, except for real jewelry and scarves.

Hopefully I'll make some more crafts this holiday season!  Woohoo for Pinterest!

No run for me yesterday, but I did do my weight lifting at lunchtime!  And unfortunately no workout of any kind on the agenda for today because I'm flying to Denver tonight to visit my friend Anne!!  I haven't seen her since college, so I am super super excited  :)  We have lots of fun adventures planned!

Have you done any good crafts lately?

Real or fake flowers?

How do you display your medals or race bibs?


  1. I would like to point out that that is an Irish dancing card. I like it.

  2. I like that it's an Irish dancer on the card. Makes it even better.