Friday, November 15, 2013

Running in Denver is Hard

Greetings from Denver!  First of all, a few thoughts on flying:
The plane I was on seemed brand new and very futuristic so that was kind of cool.  And then a lot of what the flight attendants used to say was a recording and I didn't like that.  I know a lot of airlines have switched over to safety videos and I've seen those before, but this was even more than that.  I don't think I ever heard them say anything.  Maybe that's a good thing  to cut out the amount of work they need to do so they can focus on customer service, but if I was a flight attendant, I think talking to people via microphone would be the best part of my job.  This is why I need to learn to be a fitness instructor, so I can command a large group of people while talking over a microphone.

When my mom and I went shopping a few weekends ago, we got a free tote bag from Victoria's Secret for spending over $75.  I used the bag for the first time last night as my carry-on.

I really love glitter and this bag really sparkles.  However, as most glitter-haters know, glitter gets EVERYWHERE.  By the end of my journey, I had little sparkles all over me.  As we were waiting to de-plane, the woman behind me said "I really like the sparkles on your jacket" to which I replied, "Thanks, but the sparkles are actually from the bag."  But, it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes I found on Pinterest:

I asked around for some book recommendations and settled on Caught by Harlan Coben.  I'm 33% of the way through it (thanks, Kindle) and I really like it so far!  It's a mystery and I just want to know what happens!

Anne is at work right now so I'm relaxing in a Starbucks for a few hours and going to keep on chugging through it.

This morning I went for a run on a trail near where Anne lives.  I wasn't sure where the trail would lead or how far I would go, but it turned out to be a nice, scenic run.

No views like that in Chicago.  I ran for a total of 24 minutes, not sure on distance but I'll go with about 3 miles.  I think it was hard for a few reasons:

1) Altitude!  It was so hard for my lungs to adjust and to breathe.

2) Hills!  We don't have hills in Chicago and the first half was pretty much just up, so those first 12 minutes were hard between the altitude adjustment and the hills.  But then the 2nd half was downhill and much more relaxed.

3) Tired legs!  All those squats and lunges I've been doing are really fatiguing my legs.  I think I'm going to cut those down and continue to focus more on my arm and core body strength.

I thought my shadow looked cool because my legs looked so long.  The weather was perfect too!  Shorts and a long-sleeve top and probably could've easily done a short-sleeve top instead.  Time to get back to my book!  Happy Friday!

Do you like flying?
Any good book recommendations?
How do you feel about high-altitude running?

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