Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quality Miles, Not Quantity

I've been slacking on running.  But improving on weight lifting!  I'm gonna be soooo strong.  And that is extremely sarcastic.  But I do want to have a much stronger core and upper body for the purpose of running faster.  I am pretty sure I slouch when I run and that is not good.  I did my weights 2 days last week and did them yesterday and plan to again on Wednesday and Friday.

My workouts last week:

Monday - weights
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - weights
Thursday - REST
Saturday -4 hour hike
Total Mileage =17 miles

So that obviously wasn't as much running as I'd like.  I can't even blame it on the travel because the running I did do was while I was in Denver.  At least I can feel confident that it was quality training.  The combination of the altitude and the hills and terrain will whip you into shape fast! Quality of miles is more important than quantity of miles for half marathons I think. Full marathons might be the opposite.

My goal for last week was 30 miles.  And like usual, I came up short.  There are still 9 weeks left until the Phoenix Half Marathon.  I just need to learn how to motivate myself.  I haven't gotten up early to run before work on a weekday since at least June.  And it's so much harder to after work now that it's dark so early and it's so cold.  But I say that all the time.  Time to suck it up and deal with either the cold/darkness or the treadmill.

I'm getting better at taking pictures at least.  Maybe that was just because I was on vacation though.  I can do a sweet side braid in my hair.  Positive self talk!  I hope it works because I need to head out the door on my run now  :)

Here's what's hot in Chicago right now:

Christmas 24/7 on the radio!!  It's the most wonderful time of the year! (but not for running) Remember when I listened to Christmas music in August??

Also speaking of music, I'm desperately waiting for Katy Perry to announce her US tour dates.  She made it seem like she would do so yesterday, but only announced her UK dates. Up until I went to the Bon Jovi concert with Christina a few weeks ago, I had only ever been to country concerts but I would LOVE to see Katy Perry.

How do you manage negative thoughts if you don't meet your training goals?

Do you save Christmas music for after Thanksgiving or are you already listening?
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