Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Two Really Great Sandwiches

I wrote a post awhile ago about the most delicious turkey sandwich ever.

That was by far the best sandwich I ever made myself.  I'm fairly new to sandwich making, actually.  I used to be an extremely picky eater, so the extent of my sandwiches was peanut butter on toast.  Occasionally I'd get a turkey sub from Subway.  But basically, I never brought a sandwich to lunch when I was in school.  I couldn't have peanut butter on toast because I couldn't toast bread at school and I didn't like regular peanut butter sandwiches - they are a weird texture.  And I just wasn't a huge fan of lunch meat, and again, the bread would just get soggy and gross.

As I've mentioned before, my eating habits expanded in college.  I had my first grilled cheese as a sophomore in college and now I really really love grilled cheese.

So anyways, the point of this post is that I had one really great sandwich this past weekend (from a restaurant) and one that I made for lunch yesterday that I feel like I need to tell you about so you can try it.  I also had a grilled cheese from Panera and that was really sub-par, so I will not say anything more about that one; this post is only for really good sandwiches.

Dresell's Public House Farm Egg Sandwich
House back bacon, blue & cheddar cheese, tomato jam, house chips

This is hands down the best breakfast sandwich to grace the Earth.  I was thinking though...it's main competition previously in my mind is the McDonald's Egg McMuffin.  I'm not sure I've had many other breakfast sandwiches.  I don't even know where to start by talking about this heavenly creation, but I'll break it down.

Farm egg - A deliciously running over easy egg.  I think it had pepper on it too.  They even made Erin's with just the egg white.  They were reluctant to at first, but since she had just ran her first half marathon and was wearing her medal, they complied with her request.
Sandwich - Brioche bread, so soft and fluffy
House back bacon - Not normal bacon; it was more like Canadian bacon/ham
Blue & cheddar cheese - I love cheese
Tomato jam - I do not like jam, so I ordered my sandwich sans jam.
House chips - These were perfect chips.  Little slices of potato-y heaven.

Homemade Salami Sandwich
Toast w/ butter, lettuce, salami, tortilla chips

Sounds simple, right?  Well the secret ingredient is the butter.  I really don't know if this is a common thing, maybe it is?  In August, when I was in WI with my family, my cousin Katie and I were making salami sandwiches one afternoon for lunch.  And she buttered the bread of her sandwich.  This was wild to me, but she swore by it so I tried it.  And it was wonderful.  So I did that again when I made a salami sandwich for lunch on Monday.  Other than that, it was actually just a basic sandwich.  I probably should have added cheese, but oh well, I'll make it even better next time.  And of course, a side of tortilla chips.

So the moral of the story is: If you live within 1,000 miles of St. Louis, go to Dressel's and eat that sandwich.

What is your favorite sandwich from a restaurant or that you make yourself?

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