Wednesday, October 30, 2013

See and Be Seen Running Fashion Show

Since I'm on Fleet Feet's email list, I get emails with information about all sorts of events that they are hosting.  I have gone to 2 so far...and have completely failed to post about the first one because of the more time-sensitive Chicago Marathon posts, but I promise that is coming soon.  And it will be well worth the wait because I met a celebrity at it.

Last night's event was the See and Be Seen running fashion show.  That's my kind of fashion show.  Rachel came with me and we had a really great time!

We arrived and got seats near a little table, which was clutch because we each ordered a fruity girly cocktail.  What else would you order at a fashion show?  Dave Zimmer, the owner of Fleet Feet, was hosting the show as MC for the night and he was awesome!  At the beginning he said it'd be a fun night of fashion, fitness, food, and booze.  And that it was.

The show was great with models from local news outlets and with other athletic affiliations, each showing off this season's hottest running fashions.  Each company seems to want to spruce up the "average black running tight" by offering new colors or patterns.  I fully support that idea, as I love being as colorful as possible, as demonstrated by what I wore in the St. Louis Half Marathon this past weekend:

Dave also announced that everyone attending would get a $20 merchandise credit to spend at the after party in the store (the actual fashion show was at Second City.)  The ticket to the show was $20, so as long as you bought something, it's like the ticket was free!  Now, obviously, this was to get people to spend money in the store...and it worked.

Another great marketing ploy they used?  Get people drunk while shopping.  I know from experience that drunk shopping is quite fun and you will in fact spend more money than you would if you were sober.  This is also the case at bars or restaurants too; the drunker you get, the more willing you are to spend that money buying your friends shots, etc.

I'd say 98.7% of the attendees had wine...but I like beer.

I only had 2 drinks the entire night, so I actually was not drunk shopping - I just love running clothes.  And this comes nowhere close to the time Grace, Kristin, and I went out for a Mexican lunch and margaritas before Christina's bachelorette party and went drunk shopping in Victoria's Secret.  (PS Google Blogger still doesn't recognize bachelorette as a word - why is that?)

I bought 2 items.  Even with the $20 credit, it sure adds up quickly.  I must say that blog endorsement of products really works because I first saw this shirt on the Hungry Runner Girl blog (click here for the post) and I really wanted it.  So then when it was featured in the Fleet Feet fashion show, I just had to get it.  And almost fought people for my size.  Picture women runners holding a glass of wine in one hand and furiously shopping. (There weren't many men at the fashion show, but a few.)

Anyways, it is the Brooks Equilibrium Base LS.  I'm about to go run in it tonight and I hope it feels as awesome as it looks. I'll report back tomorrow.  I also bought a Brooks running hat.  I really wanted a hat with a ponytail hole, so I found a pretty pink one that should keep me warm and stlyin'.  Rachel got a matching one and you know how much I love matching outfits, so I'm sure we'll break those out on the lakefront together soon enough.

So time to hit the road in the rain now! I haven't run in rain in awhile, but I do like that it's an opportunity to wear a hat.

Have you ever been to a fashion show?

What is your favorite brand of running apparel?

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