Thursday, October 31, 2013

Many Adjectives for Yesterday's Run

I have a lot of adjectives to describe my run yesterday:

Sad.  I had a moment of sadness right before I started running.  This was my first time I wanted to run with a watch since the Chicago Marathon.  So, I had to delete my PR time from my watch.

Dark.  Come soon Daylight Savings Time!  And summer!  Maybe we can just skip winter and darkness altogether?  Running in the dark has kind of been my thing this weekend.  I did 5.75 Monday night in the suburbs.

Wet.  I ran 5.3 miles (43:20, about 8:10 pace) and it rained on me for all 5.3 miles.

Stylish.  I wore my new Brooks Run Happy long sleeve mesh-y shirt that I got at Tuesday night's fashion show.  Since I knew it'd be a little wet (not a lot wet) when I left, I wore my water resistant vest and hat.  I like to wear a hat when I run in the rain and this one is reflective so it's good for running in the dark..  I was so drenched when I got back (yet still lookin' fab in my awesome running outfit) so I made Lauren take a picture of me.

Hardcore.  I felt so extreme while I ran in the rain.  Also, during the last mile when I was getting down-poured on and wanted nothing more than to get home ASAP, I passed by 2 guys standing in the doorway of their apartment trying to head out somewhere, but waiting for the storm to pass.  One of them was wearing a Dayton Flyers drawstring backpack.  I kind of paused and wanted to say hi and chat and almost did, but the fact that it was raining as hard as it was really inhibited my ability to make a new friend tonight.

Any good adjectives to describe your most recent run/workout?

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