Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Nice Sunday Morning Run and This Week's Training

I met Mac this morning at the Elk Grove Forest Preserve to run the 7.7 mile loop.  It was a great conversational run - I learned a bit about Mac's ranch days in Montana which involved some elk hunting (legal elk hunting, of course).  We ran the entire loop without any regard to how fast we were going or our pace.  We estimated the first half was about 8 minute pace and then we picked it up to a faster pace for the last few miles.  There was less talking and more heavy breathing during that last mile! I could not wait to get home and make some breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes.

I had more than just that little one...but I had to eat it while it was hot and the next one was on the skillet so I snapped a quick pic and then dug in.

It was such perfect fall-like weather again today.  It's terrible as far as summer weather goes, but it's absolutely perfect for running.  If the marathon day could be weather just like this - about 60 degrees, partly sunny - I would be a happy camper.  Or runner.  I think ideal marathon conditions would actually be about 45-55 degrees, but I would take 60 degrees too.  Unfortunately, we won't know what the race-day conditions will be like until 11 weeks from now.

Recap of Week 7 of training:

Monday - 7 miles normal
Tuesday - Track Workout - 3.25 miles total
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - ran about 2 miles, then walked an hour w/ Catherine
Friday - REST
Saturday - 16 miles
Sunday - 7.7 miles w/ Mac
Total Weekly Mileage - 36

So now here we go into a plan for Week 8:

Monday - cross train
Tuesday - track workout
Wednesday - 6 miles
Thursday - cross train
Friday - 5 miles
Saturday - 18 miles
Sunday - REST

I decided that I'll use tomorrow as a cross training day since I had 2 good runs this weekend and I really want to get in some biking!  I still never did a fartlek like I said I was going to do last week, so maybe I will try to make Wednesday or Friday into one.  I'm getting a little nervous for the higher long run mileage now since I haven't done these long of runs in about 2 years.  But having Angela to run with this weekend and then my training group should hopefully help me out and keep me going strong.

What is your favorite thing to eat after a run or workout?


  1. Haha I like how I have own tag...

    Good run today! I'm glad we got out and did that.

    Also get excited for track day! It's going to be tough... we've had some easy days the last weeks....

    1. Yup, I figure I run with you enough now that you can have your own tag. I'm glad we did that run too, otherwise I probably would've just called it a recovery day and not ran. So pumped for track day!

  2. Hmmm, that is kind of a hard question because immediately after I run, fruit or a cold smoothie sounds amazing. But, if I wait long enough, then I usually want oatmeal. Chocolate chip pancakes are an old favorite - not for after running, just for pretty much any time of day - I haven’t had them in forever!

    Also, I felt like I should be going to an ND football game after my long run Saturday, that or baking pumpkin bread haha. The weather owes me BIG time (cough Chicago Marathon 2008 cough), so I am praying for perfect running conditions on September 22.

    PS – What is your favorite dessert? I may or may not bring it with me Saturday. Also, no chocolate vodka this year, that was gross, but I would be down for those gummy bears again!

    1. I will pray for perfect conditions on that day too for you! And so I can come out and cheer and not be too hot, too cold, or rained on.

      I really like all the desserts you have made in the past - the brookies, the cake batter things you made for the Super Bowl, and rice krispie treats. So any of those would be great :) And I think I will make those gummies this year!