Saturday, July 27, 2013

16 Miles and Learning to Play Piano

This morning I did my longest run so far in this round of marathon training!  It was actually my longest run since the Chicago Marathon in 2011.  On Coach Brendan's schedule for today was a 16 mile "cascading" run of 9 miles at long slow distance pace, 6 miles at 10 seconds faster per mile, and 1 mile cool down.

I did not meet the running group this morning, but set out to do it on my own.  I brought the Garmin so I could track my distance and speed.  Total time was 2:09:10, which is an average of 8:04 pace.  Mile splits were: 7:53, 7:50, 8:08, 8:15, 8:08, 8:14, 8:07, 8:19, 8:05, 7:56, 7:40, 7:53, 8:21, 8:16, 8:05, 7:50.

I should go treat myself to a manicure this afternoon I guess...

So I did the first 2 miles a little faster than I intended to, but then slowed myself down.  I did miles 9, 10, and 11 under 8 minute pace again, but then wasn't feeling super so I slowed back down and then pushed the last mile.  So technically I did do 6 miles at an under-8 minute pace, just not all in a row.

I ran past the J. Smith's house and Ryan was playing baseball in the yard, so I stopped to say hi to him and Aunt Mary Jayne for a few minutes.  Then I continued on and stopped at the Colmone's house where Katie and Kelly were waiting for me to arrive with water so I could take my Gu.  It was my first time trying the Tri-Berry flavor.  I think I'll add that to flavors I like, now joining Strawberry Banana and Chocolate in that category.

After the run, I was NOT feeling good.  But after a shower, quick stretch, and a lot of water, I felt a little better.  Then I got to have lunch with Aunt Bernadette, Katie, and Kelly at Panera because Katie is home for 2 weeks!!!

Since I had to get to bed at a decent time last night to do the long run this morning and wasn't planning to go out, I had to come up with something to occupy myself.  I decided to use YouTube to try to teach myself some songs on the piano.  At the suggestion of a friend, I started with Mad World but it was kind of hard and I decided to go with a more fun song that I could get into - Teenage Dream.  I just tried to upload a video of my skills (VERY loose term), but the upload failed.  I'll have to play around with that more later because I am proud of what I have learned...although it may not seem like much yet.  I can't seem to get down playing with 2 hands at once...way too much coordination involved in that.

Another awesome thing: Angela is coming to Chicago next weekend!!  So we will get to do a long run together - I'm thinking 18 miles!  That should be perfect to have her to run with after doing today's long run alone.

Have you ever tried to learn something new on a whim?

What is the best part of your weekend?

How do you treat yourself after a long run or hard workout?

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