Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fast 400s and Random Thoughts of the Day

I met Mac at the track tonight to get in a speed workout.  He came up with a few things for us to do, but for the most part we made it up as we went.  Here's what we did:

1 mile normal
1 mile of striding the straight-aways and jogging the curves
4 x 400m fast
.25 walk, .25 jog cool-down

This workout seemed short, but it was tough.  We did the 400m repeats as a partner workout so the "rest" was doing a plank while the other person ran their 400.  My times were 1:22, 1:28, 1:31, 1:32 so obviously I started a little fast.  I haven't done this type of speedwork in FOREVER so I really am not a good judge of my pace.  Even though the total mileage of the workout was short, I was happy with it because it felt like we really worked hard.

Teenage Dream was on the radio this morning.  In case you (a) don't know me well enough to know how much I love this song and (b) didn't read my post on Monday which once again reiterated how much I love this song, now you know.  It makes me the happiest when I hear it on the radio because that means that probably about 415,603 people in the Chicago-land area are listening to it at the same time as me.  But those people probably aren't having as much fun dancing in their car as me and sending 10 second videos of myself dancing in my car to my friends.  Thanks to snap chat for being such an enabler of weirdness and how to pass time while at red lights.

My mom left for Disney World tonight.  She is going with Aunt Sonja, Hanna, and Jane, for what seems like a fun little girls trip.  I went with them a few summers ago and we had fun and I got my fill of Disney theme parks for the next couple years at least.  I know it's the happiest place on Earth, but I think it can be a little too much to handle.  I would rather have a relaxing vacation.  I would like to do the Disney Marathon Weekend again though!!

Something else I really love is matching outfits.  In a journal last week, I started a list called "Things I Love."  One of the items on the list is matching outfits.  Hanna and I have matching outfits sort of in that first picture with our stripped shirts, green shorts, and awesome 3D glasses.  I don't think we even planned that out.  But we are cousins and able to do cool things like that.  And now I want to share other things that are on my list of "Things I Love" and I know everyone is just dying to know but I will hold off for now and highlight those in future posts.  I'll probably talk about matching outfits again too because obviously Angela and I plan to have matching outfits for the marathon!


  1. Random thoughts on my run this morning:

    1)I forgot to tell Colleen last night when we were talking that I was wearing ‘The Joe’ tshirt from the inaugural Joe…so Col, I was wearing The Joe shirt yesterday haha.
    2)My calves really hurt, I wonder if this is what shin splints feel like…maybe I should ask one of the Res sprinters since they complained about those incessantly. (Added commentary: My calves have pretty much been bothering me since I started training for this marathon, and just today I wondered if it is not tight muscles, but rather shin splints. I’ve been running since age 9 ½ and have never had shin splints so I don’t even know, I might have to do some google research today, always reliable).
    3)This is perfect weather, I wish it could be like this every single day, and then about 10-15 degrees cooler for marathon day.
    4)I wonder how streets get named (this was prompted because Howard St. is called Howard in Niles and Sibley in Park Ridge)