Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Official Training Days 1 and 2

Plan for the week:


This was taken from the plan that I made based off some plans I looked at online and the plan from Coach Brendan, who will be coaching the Crossroads Runners.  I plan to meet up with that group on some Saturdays for long runs.  I made a plan for the entire 18 weeks, but I am pretty sure I will alter it depending on how each week goes (I already haven't stuck it to exactly).  My main focus will be making sure I get the long run in on the weekend and doing enough mileage the other 4-5 days of running to get 40 miles a week at the very least.

Angela also sent me a plan she will follow that includes a lot of core work (M,W,F) and weight training (T,Th) in addition to running and cross training.  She said she'll focus on core and weight training a lot in these first couple weeks and then cut back on that when mileage gets a bit higher.  I think that's a good idea so I'm going to try to get those workouts in also.

So here's the runs I did yesterday and today.  I just use www.mapmyrun.com and I never know quite how accurate they are, etc. but I try to be somewhat conservative with it.  Maybe I'll get a Garmin eventually.

Monday - 6.8 miles in 52:10 (~7:40 pace).  I went after work because I was so tired from the weekend to get up early.  There was crazy fog by the lake.  I thought I was going to get hit by a biker because you could not see far distances in it.  I ended my run at Xsport to do my first core workout.  I definitely could not do all of the exercises.  And I had no idea what some that were listed were, so I just did a plank or other type of sit-up/crunch as a replacement for those.

Tuesday - 7 miles in 55:25 (~7:55 pace).  Did this run in the morning...nothing too exciting.  I was sore.  Then after work I went to the fitness center in my work building for first time.  Here there are on a post-it I took to the gym with me:

I will try to do arm weights on Tuesdays

The fitness center has very nice equipment!  All of the arm exercises I did used free weights so that was easy, but there was a ton of other nice equipment I will try to use too!


  1. Keep up the good work. #coretraining#

  2. So I did not comment for my last few runs, but I'll try to update quickly. Friday I did a 7 mile run with the middle 4 miles paced, my legs were still pretty dead from Tuesday but I was happy with how it went. Saturday I did my long run of 13.81 miles to be exact; Matt ran the first 11 or so with me and my dad biked with us the whole time. My goal is to have more pace variation in my training this summer, so I think the 2 speed days last week forced me to go a bit slower on the long run, which was good. I ran 7ish miles Sunday instead of resting because I am in Florida this week for work and did not land until after midnight Sunday so running Monday morning wouldn't be an option. Yestreday, it was 89 degrees with 87% humidity at 5:30 in the morning (how do people live here?!?!), so I did my speed workout on the treadmill (4x1200m w/ 400m recovery) with some squats combos and lunges but then ran out of time. This morning was my XT day so I did bike intervals and some time on the elliptical before doing an arm weight circuit.

  3. Sorry that is really long, but I told you I would stay accountable through this as well :)

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  5. those all sound like really good workouts! i will probably try my leg weight lifting this weekend. i want today to be completely off. and i don't know if i want to try it tomorrow before a long run on saturday.