Friday, June 7, 2013

Random Running Ramblings

I don't have anything too cohesive to write about today.  I ran 5.75 miles along the lakefront path yesterday - running south was easy, but running north the wind was brutal.  Here are some random thoughts I've had, mostly pertaining to running, over the last 2 days:

  • It bothers me when people don't dress appropriately for the weather to run.  Just because it's colder than it should be for June and you have to wear a light coat to get to and from work and while walking around, does not mean you need to wear spandex and a thermal top, like I saw most girls wearing on the lakefront path yesterday.  My weather channel app said that it was 62 degrees when I left around 6pm.  The rule I follow is to add 20 degrees to that, so 82 degrees.  What would I wear if I was just going outside to walk around in 82 degree weather?  Probably a tank top and shorts and definitely not long spandex.  This gets tricky though when it's about 45-50 degrees, as it was 2 weekends ago when I ran with Catherine and Matt.  That's the temperature for running that would be in-between a long sleeve or a short sleeve and capris or shorts.

  • Last night I looked at the photos from the North Shore Half Marathon.  There were only a few of me and I didn't have much to do last night so I was just browsing through the "lost and found" section to see if I saw anymore of me or of Aunt Bernadette.  She didn't have any assigned to her because she decided to wear her sweatshirt which covered her bib number.  Anyways, I saw a few pictures of a girl wearing one of the UD Distance for Dreams shirts.  I didn't know who she was though and the D4D shirt was one of the more current ones.  But that was just cool to know that there was another UD person out there running too.

  • Apparently everyone in my family is registered for the Chicago Marathon this year.  If you search "Smith" in the confirmation page, there is the name of everyone in my immediate family as well as some cousins, aunts, and uncles running...too bad none of them actually are this year.

I didn't run this morning...I knew I wanted to straighten my hair today so I wouldn't have to when I got to Dayton.  That's probably a lame excuse, but to get a run in and straighten my hair, I would've had to wake up really early.  And I figured it'd be better to get the extra hour and a half of sleep so I'm not tired on my drive.


  1. I have been out of the running world for quite some time (thank you, right Achilles tendon), but something that used to annoy me when I was running outside was that I could not sing the songs I was listening to on my iPod out loud and jam to them. I like to pretend I am a rockstar putting on a concert when I am working out. It makes the time go by faster. When I am alone in the MFFC (Mueller Family Fitness Center), this is possible. When I'm outside in public, this is not as possible. I mean, I guess it is "possible" in theory, but people watching me run and sing and dance and rock out would think I was a psychopath.

  2. I am that annoying person that never knows what to wear when I run.... :-D

  3. Erin, have you ever seen the Friends episode where Pheobe runs...I think it would inspire you to jam out on in public!