Saturday, January 11, 2014

Treadmill Tweeting

I'm sorry my workouts have not been the most thilling lately.  Trust me, I wish they were.  Just me, hanging out on the treadmill for about 35 minutes.  But once I get back into better shape, I'm sure I'll be having super awesome, fun workouts to share.  I do have a few treadmill hill workouts and repeat workouts to try, but I'm not quite ready yet!  So here is yesterday's workout:

4 Miles on the Treadmill - My intention was to do 8-10 miles as my "long" run for the week...funny how depending what physical fitness shape you are in how a certain distance can be either a long run or a normal run.  In my prime during Chicago Marathon training last summer/fall, 8-10 miles would be a piece of cake.  And now, a bit more out of shape and stuck on a treadmill, 8-10 miles seems so hard!  So yeah, I made it 4 miles...I just get so bored and restless, no matter how much I try to motivate myself.

I usually don't bring my phone with me to the treadmill, but since I was expecting a longer run and the accompanying boredom that goes with a long run on a treadmill, I brought my phone out there with me.  So at the beginning I was having a jolly good time and snapchatting some friends from the treadmill.  These only went to the closest of friends because I would not want many people to witness my sweaty-treadmill running self.  Speaking of being sweaty/using my phone on the treadmill, I tweeted:

(That's why you have to excuse my mis-spelling...the treadmill was bouncey and hard to type!)

I even considered making a video log of me talking each mile and telling you how I felt, what I was listening to, etc. but I didn't want to scare the people around me.  But really, they all had their own headphones on and I'll never see them again in my life.

I had a bunch of time though still since I only did 4 miles, so then I did:

Leg Circuit - The same one I did earlier this week - 3 sets of 10 squats and 10 lunges on each leg.  With 8 pound weights in each hand for all of it.

Core Circuit - Again, the same one I've been doing regularly.  Regular crunches, side crunches, V-ups, medicine ball ab stuff.

I managed to get a 10 mile run done outside this morning so I'll have details on that tomorrow...and I promise it was a lot more exciting than any of these treadmill runs! 

Do you use your phone on the treadmill?

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