Thursday, January 9, 2014

Indoor and Outdoor Slushies

Since it has been freezing, what better thing to do than make slushies?  But not just any slushies, WINE slushies!  I have a few packages of wine slushie mix and we are on a big "use up everything in the apartment" kick (I can explain that too), so we decided to make one.  Basically, you mix a bottle of wine, equal parts water, and this slushie mix (we used the peach mango flavor) and let it freeze for 3 hours.  Lauren, Maggie, and I enjoyed these while watching The Awakening.

And then I decided to run outside yesterday which was a big slushy mess.

I was debating between going to the gym to the treadmill again or to try running outside.  When I checked the weather, it was a whole 9 degrees!  That's like a 40+ degree improvement over what it was  the previous 2 days.  Usually I set 20 degrees as my minimum for running outside, but I decided to go for it.

At first, my face started to feel numb, as did my hands.  I was wearing gloves and all the other necessities, but sometimes they just aren't enough.  I knew I would warm up eventually though.  Less than half mile into the route I was planning to take, I ran into a sidewalk that was not cleared in the slightest.  I thought most had been by this point, but I guess not.  So I turned a different way instead.  About a mile in, my toes were getting cold, but not anything to make me stop.  The terrain was still not the greatest.  I stayed on the sidewalks and some part were clear or at least clear enough, but other parts were miserable and I felt like I was going to fall or roll an ankle the whole time.

So I headed back to my apartment and finished at 2 miles. Splits were 8:44 and 9:13, which normall I wouldn't be too happy with but this was like running through sand at parts and the effort was all there as much as it could be for 2 miles I guess. I got home and did my ab work and foam rolled.  My legs and butt are definitely feeling Tuesday's squats and lunges!

Today's run isn't going to happen until later...or might turn into spinning instead.  So more on that tomorrow.  In the mean time, I need to tell you what I meant by Lauren and I trying to use up everything in the apartment.

We did a major apartment cleaning for the new year and tried to do a lot of organization of cabinets and such.  We (mostly me) have a lot of food items that haven't been used.  I tend to buy freezer food and then forget I have it and it never gets eaten, or have jars of pasta sauce that I never use.  So we went through everything and got rid of anything expired, brought home to our parents houses' anything that we didn't want that they might use, and resolved to eat everything else we have before going grocery shopping again and starting completely anew.  So far it's going pretty well...I do have 3 boxes of pasta and a box of oatmeal that I'll need to eat up, so some days might be a little carb-heavy, but that's OK with me.

We've also been doing the same with beauty products.  We found we have a TON of free sample or travel size items - shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, mouth wash, etc. and are going to use up a lot of that before buying regular sized items again.  I'll keep some of my travel size items of course - like for my trip to Phoenix next week :)

Do you have a lot of food or beauty items that you never use?

What is your temperature minimum for running outside?


  1. The combination of peach wine, popcorn, and a movie sounds absolutely divine. ☺ I am going to have to try that wine combo. I feel like whenever I run in freezing temperatures, my hands are always the first thing to freeze, which is also the most uncomfortable for me. Typically, I don’t run in anything under 15 degrees. Kudos to you for at least getting out there!

  2. Yes, my fingers and toes usually freeze first! Definitely try the wine slushie it's so good!