Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Five - 12/6

Happy Friday!  In case you missed last week, you can check out my very first ever Friday Five post here.  So let's get right into this week because I have some great things to share!

Five Tweets:

My cousin Erin will be tweeting a different Christmas movie quote every day of December and this is one of my favorites from Christmas Vacation.  It doesn't quite give the voice inflection of this quote credit though, so I hope you're saying it correctly in your head.

Dayton is ranked #25 and that means that Siri is a huge Dayton fan! (For the time being at least...until we move up in the rankings.)

I am too, Shannon.  I don't think I'll ever know.  Except blogging, I like blogging.  And running.

My brother lives in Ohio now, so he is proud to call himself an OSU fan.

And now take a minute to read just a few of DiGiorno Pizza's tweets during last night's The Sound of Music Live with Carrie Underwood:

Five Articles

Philadelphia Marathon On Cheating - Who Cares

10 Personal Finance Tips From Hip Hop Lyrics

The Dumbest Things That Happened This Year 

Why ING Broke Up With The Marathon

Holiday-Themed Workout Playlist

Five Things I Ate This Week:

Gingerbread Latte - I guess I didn't "eat" this, but it has calories and tastes awesome, so it counts for my list.

Sushi - I hadn't had sushi in quite awhile but, Mac and I needed to catch up on life since now we don't run together anymore.  I suppose we could, but it's cold, sooooo that doesn't happen quite as much.

SweetTarts - I moved desks at work this week and now where I sit in unbelievably close to a HUGE bag of SweetTarts.  I was able to avoid them easily at my old desk, but now at this new one, I find myself grabbing a bit each time I get up!

Pesto Pizza - The extended Smith family had a Christmas trolley ride last Saturday and afterwards we ordered pizza.  I realized that after the half marathon earlier that morning (full recap coming tomorrow!), I really didn't eat much the whole day except for a few snacks.  So by the time that pizza came, I went to town on the pesto pizza.  Pesto has become one of my favorite things and ever ytime I have it on pizza, I am in LOVE.  And truthfully, the only other time I had a pesto pizza was last St. Patrick's Day when I was also mildly under the influence.  I can guarantee it'd be good sober too though.

Ham - I usually have turkey on my super awesome salad that I've been taking to work for lunch most days.  But this week I decided to switch things up a little and go with ham in my salad.  I figured I was eating turkey every day in either a sandwich or a salad and then ate a lot of turkey on Thanksgiving, so it was time for a change.  Back to turkey next week though.

Five Quotes from Pinterest:

And I'll leave you with some words of inspiration/fun:

So I guess I picked all the super-girly Pinterest quotes for this week.  I really like glitter and champagne.  Therefore, I wish people always acted like it's New Year's Eve.  Wouldn't that be a good idea?

Don't forget to be awesome today :)

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