Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Goals

Before I get into the December goals, I want to say a few words about my run this morning.  But before I do that, I want to say a few words about how the phrase "I want to say a few words" only belongs right before a eulogy at a funeral.

I managed to wake myself up and get out the door this morning for a run and I'm glad I did because it was fairly nice out (in comparison to how it has been/how it could be).  I brought my watch with the intention of running 40 minutes and that's just what I did.  Actually I did 39:40.  I even tried to go a little farther down the block past my apartment building to get in the FULL 40 minutes, but then there was a dog in my way so I just stopped there.

Running/Fitness Goals:

Run 150 miles

Do weight training 3 times a week and planking as much as possible

Go to spinning twice a week - It's free at the gym I belong to and I might try going to some of the spin studios in the area.

Blogging Goals:

30 Posts - This is gonna be a toughy.  That's basically posting every day, but since I plan to run almost every day this month like a good like half marathoner, that shouldn't be too hard.

500 unique visitors

200 Twitter followers

150 Facebook page likes

Life Goals:

Read 2 books (see some books I want to read currently here)

Listen to as much Christmas music as possible

Go to Mass every Sunday of Advent

I'm sure I can come up with a bunch of other general life goals, but I think I'll save those for New Years.

What are your December goals?


  1. I'm trying to read one book this month, and that's tough! I read The Happiness Project - pretty good.

    1. My mom just let me borrow The Happiness Project so I'm going to read that one first I think!

  2. Just came across your blog, love the site and your December goals! I must say that the only problem I have is that I went to Xavier so it might be tough for me to read your site during basketball season seeing that you went to UD ;) All rivalry jokes aside-- you have a great blog!

    1. Oh no booo Xavier! You have a beautiful blog also - I can't wait to read more!! Maybe since we aren't playing each other in basketball this year we can all get along lol.