Monday, November 11, 2013

bRUNch + Weekly Training Recap

Catherine and I put a long run + brunch on our calendars a long time ago.  We each had fall marathons and then wanted to plan this to keep us running and for an excuse to go to brunch, because breakfast food is easily the best kind of food.

I decided to call it a bRUNch.  Get it?  I really crack myself up, like a lot.  I hope you find me as funny as I find myself, but if not, that's ok.

The first part of the bRUNch was the RUN.  We started at my apartment and ran to the lakefront trail and then north until we got to Montrose Harbor - to a park where we actually had a cross country meet in high school.  We turned around and headed the same way back, a little faster since we were with the wind now.  Our run ended up at 9.3 miles - not sure what time we were at because I didn't bring a watch.

Catherine and I had a whole list of things to talk about/catch up on during our run, so I'm glad we finally had a chance to do that.  Another thing that was awesome was the weather.  It seemed like it was that awkward in-between temperature when you don't really know if you should wear long sleeves or not or wear shorts or capris.  We each wore long sleeves, but ended up shedding that layer - short sleeves in November!

And the second half of the bRUNch was of course, the brunch.  Our plan was to go to either Toast or Ann Sather's, but we ended up at Nookies due to a long wait at Toast and the fact that Nookies was right down the street.  However, bRUNch will be a once a month occurrence from now on, so all of the best Chicago brunch places will be visited at some point soon I'm sure.

We each ordered the same thing - scrambled eggs with hash browns, bacon, cheese, and peppers.  Catherine's was without bacon though, something I'll never understand.  I can understand if people don't get bacon on something because they are being more health-conscious and bacon is very fatty, but to not like the taste of bacon is just wild to me.

My workouts last week:

Monday -6.65 mile run
Wednesday - weights
Thursday - rest
Friday - weights
Saturday - 9.3 mile run
Sunday -  rest
Total Mileage =22 miles

I did weights twice last week, so that was good.  BUT I need to be running more than 3 days a week.  So my goal for this week is to do weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. (I'll be visiting Anne in Denver on Friday/ this weekend!)  And then to hit at least 30 miles for the week, which shouldn't be too difficult, it's just making myself do all my runs!

Do you like bacon?

What was your training like last week?

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