Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10 Mile Tuesday & MARATHON OUTFIT !!

So boring stuff out of the way first.  I ran 10.4 miles in 1:23:15 (8 minute pace average) after work last night.  Really nothing eventful at all.  My legs were super tight from Monday's hill workout so the first few miles were difficult.  I stopped to stretch about 4 miles in and 8 miles in and then felt a lot better after each time.  A few weeks/months ago I probably would've been super pumped about this run and the fact that I did it after work.  But now 10 miles seems just slightly longer than normal and not nearly as difficult as it used to be.  And now that I've done a 19 mile run after work, I guess I don't have any excuses if my weekends are busy with something else.

And now I want to share something that I am beyond super excited about!  MARATHON OUTFITS!!!

Here's what Angela and I are going to wear:

Unfortunately, I don't think there are actually any Dayton Flyers running singlets out there on the market (even though there totally should be), so we had to improvise.  We bought white Nike singlets from Dick's and took them to a screen-printing shop in the mall to have the logo put on.

I have to give most of the credit for the idea to Catherine (and her brother Mike).  Mike wanted to get Cath and Matt Notre Dame Singlets for Christmas.  It's even more surprising that he couldn't find ND running singlets, but he couldn't.  So he bought plain singlets and had them screen printed with the ND IRISH logo on the front.  And look at Matt helping Cath run along with water bottle in hand!  Can't wait to cheer for you both in a few weeks at the Fox Valley Marathon!!

And as for the rest of the outfit, I don't think we have everything 100% figured out yet, but it will obviously be awesome.  We discussed the options thoroughly on our bike ride last weekend.  Angela wants to wear black spandex shorts.  I was planning to wear gray regular running shorts, but could possibly wear black spandex as well too.  I need to try doing some longer runs in them first though...I LOVE long spandex, but sometimes the shorts ride up a little too much for me.

Either way, matching bottoms aren't nearly as important as the tops.  Another awesome thing is that the Dayton Flyers logo is high up enough on the singlet that the bib number won't cover it up.

Next step in completing the outfit is matching headbands.  I think we are going to look at the Sweaty Bands website to find some.  I took a look already and want this blue sparkly one I think.  Or red.  Or silver or gold.  I think any of those would go with the outfit nicely.  Matching outfits and glitter are 2 things I love, so put the 2 together and I am a happy girl.

Shoes are obviously picked out already.  I've been slowly breaking them in, alternating between this green pair and the older pink pair (both Brooks Adrenaline).  I definitely will not be wearing those green socks though, since they are probably long gone in the garbage.   A few weeks ago I bought 2 new packs of socks and threw away any that had holes.  I have a gift card for Fleet Feet, so maybe I'll splurge on some fancy running socks.

Another issue could be the weather.  Unless it's as low as 30-40 degrees (or lower), I think I'll be fine in just the tank.  If it is any colder I might have to wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath, but we'll have to figure that out as the day gets closer.

Hmmm what else will I be wearing?  I'll have to pick which sports bra to wear.  Maybe just blue or black.  And my running fanny pack!!  It's called a SPI Belt and it's awesome and doesn't bounce much and now I don't have to carry my GU in my sports bra.

That little watch you see in the picture - I'll be wearing that too.  I don't want to wear the Garmin during the race.  I would look at the pace way too much.  Just knowing every mile will be just fine.  So...I hope that covers everything and that I don't have to add things like a hat and gloves to this list.

How do you carry things like GU when you run?

Do you ever wear special outfits for racing?

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