Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things I Love: Part 1

I recently made a list called "Things I Love" in a journal.  It was easy to come up with a few things but also kind of hard too.  I tried to think of little things that make me happy.  I decided I'll share them here and I plan to continue adding to my list regularly, so I'll post the things I love in small groups.  I can't overwhelm you with too much love and happiness all at once!  I tried to steer away from putting any food or people on the list because obviously I like a lot of different foods and a lot of people and I wanted it to be more like situations or things I can do that make me happy.

Group dance songs, like the YMCA, the Macarena, the Cha Cha slide - These songs are just plain fun to dance to.  I like them because they force people to dance that wouldn't normally get up and dance themselves to any other random song.

Wearing matching outfits with someone - This is probably the best thing ever. Especially to races. Catherine and I wear matching outfits in the turkey trot every year. Rachel and I wore matching outfits in the Green Bay Half Marathon - slightly different though because hers was Packers and mine was Bears. And this picture is when Sherm and I wore matching outfits for the Tim's Cornhkle tournament.

Making up my own words to songs - I really like doing this.  I have a great version of "Last Friday Night" about staying in and studying for the CPA exam. This is also a really big practice in the Smith family for birthdays and special occasions.

Chocolate milk - I can and do drink insane amounts of chocolate milk. It goes well with anything.

Glitter - I know some people don't like glitter because it can be messy. But really, glitter adds so much to any craft.

The University of Dayton - Such an amazing place. For so many reasons. Number 1 probably being all the super cool people. The cliche reason to love UD is the community, and it's the truth. Per Grace's request, I will do a whole post on UD sometime.

Afternoon naps -
Just another reason to miss college.

Watches - I really like wearing them. Running watches or regular watches. My favorite is my gold Fossil watch.

I ran 4.5 miles yesterday, just a normal run.  There really wasn't anything too exciting about it.  I ran south down the lakefront path for a bit and then back north through the city.  I really need to stop running on the city streets because it is really annoying and slows me down a lot. And people are rude and walk 2 or 3 people wide and don't move out of my way.

Last night I tried a Banana Bread Beer.  It was actually pretty good even though I don't like bananas (I realize this is very bizzare for a runner not to like bananas) or banana-flavored things usually.  I would recommend it.  I didn't look at the name of the brewery on the menu, but just Googled and concluded it is Wells Banana Bread Beer.

Do you love any of these things too?

Have you tried any good beers lately?


  1. And I love photo appearances in your blogs :)

  2. But really, I do love how you aren't listing foods or people. I've never thought about that before, but situations when you're happy are way better than food and people :) Love you Colleen!