Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sweet 16 Miles: A Poem

To tell you about my long run today, I decided to write a little poem.

Sweet Sixteen Miles

I woke up so early that it wasn't even light out,
To do a long run on a somewhat planned route.

I took off from the house at exactly 6,
With my Garmin, iPod, and sweet running kicks.

The first few miles felt relaxed and easy,
And luckily the weather was a little breezy.

I ran all through Des Plaines to Maine West,
And as much as I wanted to, I didn't stop (yet) to rest.

Cath and I ran cross country camp there in high school,
Talking about iPods and how Kenny Chesney was so cool.

Then I did a loop around a small lake,
And stopped to take this pic and a short stretch break.

A few miles later I stopped in a McDonald's for some H2O,
And took half of my Gu so my legs wouldn't slow.

By this time I was really starting to tire, 
But I knew I felt better than on my long run 2 weeks prior.

I stopped at the YMCA for water break number 2,
To get ready for the last few miles and take the rest of my Gu.

I once again finished at the house at exactly 16 miles,
And came inside to breakfast and smiles.

So there you have it, in poetic form. But I'll give you a few more details too.

My plan was to do 18 today, but I was happy enough with the 16 today. I definitely felt a lot better (both during and after) than I did during the 16 mile run I did 2 weeks ago. Didn't necessarily feel great, but at least better. Most splits were right on 7:55-8:00 with a few faster and a few right over 8 minutes.

Some jams that were really getting the job done today:
- I Be Goin Hard
- Counting Stars
- Safe and Sound
- Teenage Dream (as always)
- Snap Yo Fingers

So when I said I came home to breakfast and smiles, I unfortunately did not eat any of the breakfast. As delicious as it looked, I was not hungry right after I ran and we had to get on the road to Green Lake, WI. So here's the breakfast I had in the car.

We are about 2 hours into the trip now with this guy behind the wheel. Dad insisted that we take the back roads through Wisconsin to make sure we take in all the scenery.

He was a tad happier then than he is right now after a few unexpected detours and A LOT of group text messages among all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. But I'm sure we will be all smiles again once we get to the lake. :)

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