Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 on the 4th

Happy 4th of July! Today was the Elmhurst 4 on the 4th race. Mom came to watch and Catherine and Matt came to run as well, as did my new running friend Mac. This race was a FAST field. Elmhurst is definitely a running town.

Catherine and I finished in just at 29 minutes averaging 7:14 pace. We stayed pretty steady at that pace each mile. Both of us were really skeptical with racing all out today because she just did a hard track workout on Tuesday and leg weights with her trainer and I hadn't ran since Monday and was not feeling mentally ready for a race. We ran the whole way together and made it a great tempo run. Both of us agreed that we would not have been able to give that hard of an effort if we were on our own so I'm glad we had each other there!

Next year we need to dress more festive like we do for Thanksgiving. Matt had a good race too! He was the one who was able to confirm for us that there was indeed a fast field up at the front since he was much closer to that action. Catherine and I even recognized our track coach from freshman year of high school who we have not seen since. Another positive was that the race was well organized and there were good snacks/drinks afterwards which is always a determining factor in how good a race is, just like how quickly free bread or water appears on your table determines how good a restaurant is. I don't like waiting for my bread and water.

So now since I titled this 4 on the 4th for the race, I here are 4 random thoughts I've had today:

1) Freeze pops are an amazing summer treat, especially after running. Catherine and I did a summer running camp in high school and they always had a cooler of freeze pops when we finished. And then I got one at the parade today and remembered how great they are...except for the fact that they drip blue onto my nice white shorts.

2) Catherine gave me a great idea for marathon outfit ideas for Angela and I to wear in the Chicago Marathon. I cannot reveal that yet though until this plan is fully realized.

3) I want a pool in my backyard when I have a house.

4) I wish my cousin Katie would come home from St. Louis because being at their pool isn't the same without her.

And here's my Bailey being festive:

What is your favorite post-race free snack?


  1. Glad that specific point in my stride makes my thighs look so HUGE haha! Also so glad we did this race together, it was a ton of fun!

    After running, I usually like some cold and fruity so oranges or grapes are good. But, after my first marathon they had munchkins, which was awesome. And Matt and I have done a half that gives out Papa John's pizza (I didn't eat any at 9:30 in the morning, but he loved it).

  2. That just means they are STRONG!