Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Long Run Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was Jim and Christina's wedding and it was a blast!  First of all, I need to tell you about my run on Friday evening before all the festivities, then I'll get to the fun stuff.

I wanted to do 14 miles on Friday, but I just can never get motivated enough to run after work.  First I met Angela at Starbucks for about half hour and then when I got home I knew I really need to just go run.  I set out towards Wicker Park and did a loop around that general area, then back into Old Town.  Since it was around 6:30pm when I started and a nice Friday evening, a lot of people were outside so it was difficult at times to weave in and out of people.  This first 4-ish mile loop was hard mentally to get going and I really thought I might just stop when I got back into Old Town.  But I knew I'd get back and be mad at myself and be in a bad mood still having like 3 hours to wait around.  So I kept going and headed north to Wrigleyville...the Cubs game was just ending so that again was more people to navigate through.  But after I got through that and headed south, I had my own space and just ran home, ending at what I mapped to be 11.8 miles in 1 hour 31 minutes.  I get kind of skeptical sometimes with how accurate mapping actually is and I know sometimes I'll walk across the street instead of run and even little things like that can add up.  So 11.8 in 1:31 would've been about 7:43 pace and I just didn't think I was going that fast, but who knows, maybe I was.  I logged it as 11.6 though which would be about 7:51 pace just to be a little more conservative.  I think maybe I will buy a Garmin; I imagine they'd be fairly accurate.

After the run, I was so worn out.  It was humid outside.  I got home and chugged 2 bottles of water before I even showered.  After my shower, I still had about 2 hours before Michael arrived and I didn't really want to eat since we were going to eat when he got here.  I had not ate the energy Gu I brought with on the run, so I figured I'd have that.  I personally like the taste of them.  Unfortunately, I think they are more for energy and not to fill you up.  It made my stomach hurt as I just watched TV.

The rest of the Friday night and Saturday were a lot of fun!  The wedding was beautiful and it was a very fun time to catch up with lots of friends.  And to dance.  The wedding meal was delicious.  Michael and I got bagels in the morning and then I thought I wouldn't be able to eat again until dinner.  But Glavin and Erika always come prepared with snacks, so I was able to snag a piece of bread with peanut butter...they even brought their own silverware.  One casualty of the weekend was a pair of flip flops.  On Sunday morning, I only had my heels, but luckily there was an Old Navy that we passed on the way to the pancake house where I could buy a new pair...actually 2 new pairs.  They were 2 for $5.  I can't not take a advantage of that.

What is your favorite Gu flavor?  My 2 favorites are Chocolate and Strawberry Banana.

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