Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Blog Address!!

Big news, everyone!  After hours of trying to do super technological things and failing quite often, I believe I have finally succeeding in putting together my own self-hosted blog site!

The new web address is:

Make sure you add that new address to your favorite blog reader, update it in your favorites, or whatever you need to do :)  This Google Blogger site will remain active for awhile so if you do end up here somehow (like by searching some of the random phrases that have brought people to this site) and you want to see my newest content, just head on over to the new blog site!

I transferred all of the posts from this blog to that site, so you should be able to find all my old content there as well, but I have noticed a few of the posts have formatting issues with spacing, bolding, etc.   Hopefully most are OK!

If anyone notices any kinks to work out or has any suggestions for the new site, please let me know!  My email is  I hope you all enjoy the new site!!

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