Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Suddora Sweatbands

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a representative from Suddora Sweatbands to try out their product and write a little something on it.  Well, I love headbands, so of course I wanted to try.

My favorite headbands are the Sweaty Bands (like the glittery blue one Angela and I each wore in the Chicago Marathon), but I have a ton of others too.  Anything that will hold my hair back works for me, but I've also found that some headbands are itchy or not tight enough.

When I looked at Suddora's website, I could tell that these are not the same kind of headbands I am used to.  Suddora Sweatbands are a type of headband/armband that I would only picture for boys, and mostly boys that play basketball.  Here's what I was picturing:

I requested a blue sweatband (I thought it would go nicely with my Dayton Flyers singlet that I will continue to wear in races) and have worn it to the gym a few times so far.

I really liked that the headband was very thick, so it held back all of my shorter bangs really nicely.  It also was not itchy and did not irritate my ears which is a huge plus in my book.  But of course, I think the most important aspect of any headband made for running or athletic activity is whether or not it slides off your head and this one did not!  (I guess that could also be dependent on the size/shape of your head...I don't know.)

As a special treat, here's a little segment written by another CSmith, my mom!  We'll call her CSmith Zumba.  She was with me when I was looking at the Suddora website for the first time and thought that a sweatband might help her during Zumba and when I asked the rep if I could have 2 for her to try too, he gladly agreed :)  So here's what CSmith Zumba has to say:
"I wore the headband to my Zumba class - in the past, I have not worn headbands, but once we get moving, I determined a headband would be a good thing to try. Love the colors available (I have purple) and it washed well, looks like new. If there was one thing I'd look for different in a sweatband, it would be a thinner size."
Well good news: Suddora contacted me again and told me about a new style of headband they have!  It is a felt headband, very similar to the Sweaty Bands headbands I have - but cheaper.

These headbands are available only on their Amazon store (link here) and you can use this discount code for 50% off: SUDDORA5  This promo goes through the end of February so make sure you order yours today!

What do you look for in a headband?

Have you ever tried a Sweatband?

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