Thursday, February 27, 2014

Missing Weights & ZOOMA Photo Challenge

Alright everyone, I am hard at work building my new blog website!!  I should have a fun Friday post for you tomorrow morning, but after that I'm hoping all future posts starting next week will be on my self-hosted site!  I just have a few more kinks to work out.

But back to the normal course of business:

Yesterday's workout was rather weak.  I ended up being a little tighter on time than I thought because I needed to get to Walgreens before I went to the gym.  And I REALLY didn't want to run.  I don't know why I've been in a bad motivational funk this week, but I am.  I got on the treadmill and only ended up going 2 miles in 17:10 (average 8:35 pace).  My legs were also a little fatigued from Tuesday's faster run.

I figured I'd get in some quality core work and some weights since I didn't run long and had a little more time.  I did the core work, but when it came time for the weights:

That's really helpful, XSport.  Seriously - where are the other weights??  I didn't see anyone using them or them just lying around somewhere.  Those big ones were too heavy for the type of exercises I do and for my strength level.  The little ones obviously are way too light.  And I was hoping, like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, those other 2 would be juuuuust right.  They were an 8 lb. and a 10 lb.  I don't want to get one arm strong than the other...that would look silly.  So I went back to my mat and did push-ups, a little more core work, and a lot of stretching.

All in all, it was a super easy workout day.  This week is definitely not shaping up to be anything special running-wise, but I needed a mental break away from the treadmill for awhile.  I'm heading to St. Louis tomorrow morning to celebrate Mardi Gras for the weekend!  Angela and I definitely plan to run Friday afternoon...then we'll see how the rest of the weekend goes, but I'm going to guess we won't be doing any more running.

In other news, I've been saying for a few weeks now that I need to get better at taking more pictures for my blog.  Well, I found just the thing to help me get better at that!

ZOOMA is having a photo contest for the month of March.  I'm going to participate and you should too because you have a chance to win a pair of Altra running shoes!  A winner will be selected each Friday.  Here are the details:

You can read the official instructions on ZOOMA's website, but here is the summary:

1) Follow ZOOMA and Altra on Instragram and Like ZOOMA and Altra on Facebook.

2) Post a photo following the prompt of the day on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag ZOOMA and Altra and use the hashtag #ZOOMAphotoaday

3) Win a pair of Altra shoes!

As a reminder, I will be running the ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon in August and I want you to join me!  Use discount code: CAMB9 for 10% off your registration!

Does your gym ever disappoint you?

Have you ever participated in a photo challenge? I have not, but I am looking forward to doing so!

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