Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Five - Valentine & Olympic Edition

Welcome to the Friday Five - Valentine's Day and Olympics edition.

For starters,  I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day.  Mostly because I'm single.  So it's a holiday that I am currently excluded from.  Like how I imagine non-Christians feel around Christmas.  I'm sure when I am in a relationship, for at least the first Valentine's day, I will be the girl posting flowers (provided the guy sends them I guess) and checking in wherever we go out for dinner and brag about what we did.  But this year, I have plans with some girlfriends - including a running event!

Tomorrow evening I'll be heading to this run:

Each runner receives a reflective wristband based on your relationship status.  So to start of my Friday Five, here are five pick-up lines I'm thinking of using:

1) "I bet I'm faster than your girlfriend."  (Juuuust kidding, I'll stick to the single ones.)
2) "Your pace or mine?"
3) "When I blog about this, it will say I ran 3 miles with my future husband"
4) "I'm like chocolate pudding.  I look like crap, but I'm sweet as can be." (For after the run, because that's definitely not my most attractive time.  I will wear make-up and my cutest running clothes though.)
5) "On a scale of 1-10, you are a 26.2!"

Ok, so I didn't make up those last 3...thank you, Google.  And I altered the one about blogging.  I will obviously blog about the event, but you can bet your glutes I will not say something like that.

Besides Valentine's Day, it is also one of my best friends Grace's birthday! Happy Birthday, Grace :)

I haven't talked about them much on the blog yet, but I really love the Olympics!  I would like nothing more than to compete in them, but I don't foresee that happening, unfortunately.  I have to say though that I'm really not as big a fan of the winter Olympics as I am of the summer.  But so far, here are what I think are my five favorite winter Olympic sports:

1) Figure skating
2) Cross country skiing
3) Alpine skiing
4) Speed skating
5) Curling

These are my five favorite summer Olympic sports:

1) Marathon (what did you expect?)
2) Triathlon
3) Gymnastics
4) Swimming
5) Track

Five Articles I've Loved This Week:

Runner's Valentines - Runner's World
17 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Runner - Thought Catalog
Matchmaking App Tinder Sees Huge Spike in Sochi During Games - Wall Street Journal
Beer Fridge at Sochi Olympics Only Opens for Canadians - NY Daily News
The Olympics' Most Interesting Man - Crave Online

And since I didn't tell you about it yet, here are 5 things about Wednesday's run:

1) 4.75 miles in 40 minutes (8:25 average pace)
2) Treadmill...what else is new?
3) Started at 7.0, increased by .1 every 2 songs, so ended at 7.5
4) Took it nice and easy because the lunges at BodyPump on Tuesday destroyed my legs
5) ...and then I went to Panera with my dad.

I took Thursday as an off day, but I'll be back at it today!  I'm going to do a morning run on my own before tonight's fun run.

What is your favorite pick-up line?  Running or not running related!
What are your favorite Olympic sports?

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