Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Five - 1/24

Since I fell off the blogging train over the holidays, I haven't had the chance to do the Friday Five posts and these are some of the most fun posts!  So I'm going to try to get back to doing them every week :)

I did manage to stay on the Twitter train for the most part, so you should follow me there...Here are  Five Tweets that I've enjoyed recently (well, in the past month):

Price of Gold was an ESPN 30for30 special on last week about Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding.  It was really good!  And then 90s hairstyles were definitely classic.

I tweeted at US Airways as I waited on the runway for my plane to Phoenix take off and they tweeted back at me!  Don't you just love when companies do that?  I responded to them saying I did indeed enjoy the flight and slept almost the entire way and they even responded back to me saying they hope to see me again.

The Polar Vortex is over, thankfully!  But temperatures are still very very cold here in Chicago.

This would make my life a million times better...but also a million times more expensive.


Five Articles/Posts:

New Chicago Marathon Registration Process for 2014 <-- Combo of qualification by time and lottery.  Luckily my time will qualify me so I'm considering doing it again this year!

Work-Life Balance is a Lie, So Here's a Better Way to Think About It

Depression is NOT a Mental Illness

Penn Freshman Runner Commits Suicide

The 100 Greatest College Traditions <-- UD has 2 on this list!

Five Things Making Me Happy:

I got Katy Perry tickets for Chicago!!  I tried really hard to get better seats and would've paid more, but TicketMaster was being dumb, it said I had the tickets, and then the next page said they couldn't process my request.  But nonetheless, at least I have tickets.  I will probably still monitor various sites to try to get better tickets and sell the ones I have.  And will gladly still go to any city to see her again if anyone wants to.

The Bachelor.  It is so ridiculous, but I just can't NOT watch.  I was sad to see the Free Spirit be let go last week, but there's still lots of crazies left.

Selling books on Amazon.  We have a huge box of old textbooks from as early as my high school days, about 10 years ago.  I listed them all on Amazon and I didn't expect many to sell since they are all old editions, but so far I've sold 2!

Reading.  I will probably do a whole post on books I've read recently or want to read.  I just finally finished The Art of Hearing Heartbeats.  I started it over the summer I think and would read it off an on.  Airplane flights/vacations are the perfect time to get a lot of reading done.

The fact that Justin Bieber got arrested and will hopefully be deported to Canada and never again allowed to enter the United States.  That's probably a stretch, but I hope it happens.

And a Public Service Announcement: A blog/blogger I read frequently, Hollie from FueledbyLOLz, entered a contest to win entry to a Zooma Women's Half Marathon Race in Napa, California!  You can vote for her here!

What is making you happy right now?

Do you like when companies tweet at/back at you?


  1. HA, I am loving the five things that make you happy. Completely agree with you about the Bachelor and Bieber. Congrats on scoring Katy Perry tickets. I'm sure that she will put on an entertaining show - she's great!

    1. Yes I can't wait to see her!! Now I just have to wait 6.5 months :(

  2. I always feel so important when a company tweets at me haha. Except when I tweet at them to complain...then I usually feel embarrassed :P

    1. Same! I feel bad when I complain to companies via Twitter and then they reply with something nice and apologetic.

  3. You should've mentioned Drake University made the list - THE Drake Relays! :-)

  4. I'm always shocked when companies respond to tweets! It makes me like them so much more when they do that. I need to sell some of my old books too... glad you've had success even with old editions!!