Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just What I Needed

Here we are on Wednesday.  I gave you my "plan" on Monday that wasn't a specific day-by-day plan, but included the runs I want to get in a weekly basis - 5 total and I forgot to include that I should also have 1 day of cross training.  I want to go back to some spinning classes soon!  Or even just elliptical or bike by myself with my Kindle.

I didn't run on Monday, so that will count as my 1 rest day.  Looks like I have a busy week of working out ahead!  Luckily I have turkey trots scheduled tomorrow and Saturday so those will get my butt out the door.

Last night, I did a 5 mile run and it was just what I needed because I had not run since last Tuesday.  The past week seemed to be a kind of down week for me and was very hard to get motivated to run with the cold temperatures and the fact that I felt so mentally terrible during that run last Tuesday.

But last night I knew I had to do it.  I couldn't let it get to be more than a week without running.  I was still doing my weights, so I had some physical activity and was feeling sore from that, but still not the same as running.  And to be honest, a good part of my motivation came from knowing I was going out to a bar and going to be drinking beers and eating greasy bar food later in the evening.

(Photo from Pinterest)

So I doubled up on socks, put on my warmest spandex, and out I went.  I was very cold during my first mile.  My poor little nose was hurting and I may have considered making it a super short run.  But I kept going and actually warmed up quite well.  Maybe because I naturally picked up the pace when I was about a mile in and had to run through the dark park.

I got to the lake path and it was wide open as can be.  In the mile I was on the path, I probably only passed 3 other people going the opposite direction.

I came up to a part where I knew the path wouldn't be lit well, so I decided to go to the city streets from there.

I didn't bring a watch, but mapped out the run to 5 miles.  As I was running I tried to guesstimate how far it would be based on what I knew and how many songs I listened to for a rough time estimate.  I was feeling strong mentally, I think because I was glad I forced myself to get out and run, I wasn't nearly as cold as I thought I'd be, and I was excited to be going out later in the evening for the Dayton Flyers basketball game.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

What is something out of the ordinary that motivates you to run?

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  1. I like the picture you posted about running so we can eat!