Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Chicago Marathon Playlist

Here is my Chicago Marathon Playlist in the exact order that I listened to the songs.  I know this exact order because I did not have it on shuffle...which was fine at the beginning but when I ran into 8 straight Shania Twain songs during my hardest miles, I probably should've just switched to shuffle.  But I did not.  I think a lot of the time I wasn't even focused on the music anymore so I didn't notice as much.

Teenage Dream
The New Workout Plan
People Like Us
It's Time
Here's To Never Growing Up
I'mma Shine
Jai Ho
Yo Te Esperare
Wake Me Up
The Phoenix
Gangnam Style
The Bad Touch
Wired to the T
Club Can't Handle Me
American Girl
The Fox

At this point I was about 10 miles in, running through Old Town.
Stacy's Mom
Hey Julie
The Middle
Bleed American
The Great Escape
Love Drunk
Eye of the Tiger
Hold On

Then came my Shania miles.  And Celine Dion.  Canada produces great singers.
Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Any Man of Mine
That Don't Impress Me Much
Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
Honey, I'm Home
Love Gets Me Every Time
Don't Be Stupid
It's All Coming Back to Me Now
I'm Alive
Ready to Run
Ready to Run

Yes, Ready to Run came on twice in a row...must have accidentally added it twice, and didn't bother to switch it.
The Rockafeller Skank
Shake It
Sk8ter Boi

The YMCA was a great idea even though I was not gonna waste energy doing the arm motions while running.  I do regret the fact that the Macarena didn't make it on my playlist.
So What
Raise Your Glass
Hollaback Girl
4 My People
When I Grow Up
If I Had You

And then I finished.  I still had a few more songs on the playlist that I never got to:

Bottoms Up
That's My Kinda Night
Aw Naw
See You Again
Five Minutes to Midnight
Hakuna Matada

It means no worries.
I Made It
Up All Night
I Want You
Chelsea Dagger
Who Let the Dogs Out
All the Small Things
Sexy and I Know It
Born to Fly

I'm a little upset I didn't get to listen to a few of these because some were specifically suggested to me and are great songs that would've been awesome. 

I tried to put Teenage Dream on again when I got to the last 300m but I couldn't quite get the buttons pressed anD decided just to finish with what was on.  And then I crossed the line, stopped my watch, put on Teenage Dream, and wished someone would dance with me.

But you live and you learn and now I know where I should improve my playlist for my next race.

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