Friday, September 20, 2013

Help Support the Crossroads Runners!

As you might know, I'm running the 2013 Chicago Marathon through the Old St. Patrick's Church Crossroads Runners charity program!  There are over 90 team members, each with a goal to raise at least $1,000!  (And many have already raised way more than their goal.) That's big big money!

I decided to run through the group this past January after going to Mass at Old St. Pat's throughout the prior couple months.  I believe my mom had told me she knew someone who did it and then it was mentioned at mass one week, so I went to the information session.  I was already planning to tackle the Chicago Marathon anyways, so why not do it for a good cause?

AND I thought it would be super cool to make some new friends.  Especially new running friends because usually I just run solo.  By signing up for this charity group, I was able to do Coach Brendan's Chicago Marathon training group - which included weekly Saturday morning long runs and his training plan.  I haven't really stuck to his plan, but I did go to a few of the group runs and will be joining them tomorrow morning for our longest training run yet!!

I unfortunately have not yet reached my fundraising goal of $1,000.  Please help me out!  But really, it's not me that you're helping - it's all the people that will benefit from the above programs.  TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  I know, I'm a CPA.

Crossroads Runners is one of Old St. Patrick's outward expressions of living our faith through serving  those in need in our city, our country, and across the globe.  We are looking forward to achieving much more than just finishing the race.  Together we can assist our neighbors who desperately need help.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated and to everyone who will!  And of course to everyone who has already supported my marathon training adventures in other ways...which you are doing just by reading this post.  Having  people that care to read about my training (and other nonsense) is good enough for me.  :)

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