Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Birthday Celebrating

Since I want my birthday to last as long as possible, here's another post on some of my birthday activities...and some of the things I ate on my birthday.

The day started off with a Dunkin Donut:

Unfortunately, I can't say it was purchased for my birthday specifically. Patrick and Kyle's girlfriends with both in town for the weekend, so we had a full house. They bought a dozen donuts on Sunday morning and luckily this one was leftover for me on Monday morning.

In the afternoon, Katie and I met up for a 2 mile rollerblading adventure. I am happy to report that neither of us fell, which was surprising to me since I haven't rollerbladed in probably at least 12 years. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to rollerblade again!

And in the evening I met my parents, Kyle, Erin, and Danny at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. We had a few issues overall with the quality of service and staleness of the tortilla chips, but everything else was great! 

We sat outside, which was nice for a summer night.  A little chilly, but not too bad.  And we had a nice view of the mall parking lot.

I had the fish tacos as my meal.

I of course had a lot of the bread and butter. Our main problem with the service was that the bread and water did not appear on our table in a timely manner, even after asking for it. The best way to judge a restaurant is how fast they bring the bread and water (or tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant). And then we treated ourselves to dessert!

So that was a lot of the birthday fun! I took another few days off from running again... I did a short run yesterday though and have mile repeats on the schedule for tonight. I am also definitely getting in a long run this weekend, hopefully 18 miles!

And I got an iPad!  So now I'll probably be using it to post instead of my regular computer.  I can't seem to get the pictures centered from the iPad though, so that's just something we'll have to deal with.

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  1. 1) That donut looks delicious.
    2) You go to California Pizza Kitchen and you don't get pizza? Crazy, but those fish tacos also look delicious.