Tuesday, August 27, 2013

At Dusk and Dawn, I Was Running

I've stuck to the first 2 days of this week's plan already!!  Woohoo!  Way to go, Colleen.  I have to give myself some positive reinforcement here.

So, yesterday evening I did a tempo run.  I didn't start until about 7pm because I met Erin for fro yo right after work.  It was a good pre-run snack and we sat and chatted for awhile, but I knew I couldn't put this workout off any longer.  My plan was to do 1 mile warm-up, 4 miles tempo, 1 mile cool-down.  Here are my splits:

8:19, 6:56, 6:57, 7:46, 7:36, 7:54, and 2:27 for the last .3 miles

After the first 2 miles of the tempo, I couldn't keep it up in the heat/humidity and decided to step it back a little, but still push a decent pace.  Even though I couldn't hold onto the pace for as long as I wanted, I was still happy with this run.  My average pace was 7:37...which is goal marathon pace.  It's a goal that I know is a little bit aggressive, but that I would like to achieve.  I did stop probably every mile-ish for a quick water fountain break.  The last stop included a little photo opportunity:

And I had to take a selfie to show you how darn sweaty I was.  I think the camera was kinda sweaty too..

You know you all love taking selfies too.  I sure do.  Even though I don't think I'm the most photogenic person, I love having my picture taken and being in pictures.  This is why I really love Snapchat.

Fast forward less than 10 short hours after that tempo run and it was time to run again!  I don't like that it is dark out when I have to get up to run now.  But I managed to get out of bed and hit the road for a 6 mile run.  I ended up running for 45 minutes, so I decided I'll call it about 5.6 miles - not entirely sure since I didn't have the Garmin, but I figure I was probably going a normal 8 minute pace.

Again, it was VERY humid even though it was like 6am.  I was again drenched in sweat, and this time my shirt paid the price.  I was wearing a pink sports bra (a new-ish one from American Eagle's new workout line that I decided to try because I heard it was dece) and a lime green Under Armour tank.  Apparently, the pink dye bled onto the green shirt.  I must've looked like I was bleeding or something...

I sure hope that comes out... I think I had only worn that sports bra without a shirt before, so I'll have to stick to that.  It will be a summer-only sports bra.

Even though I did the running part of my training plan for the week, I failed on doing any core work yesterday or today (yet, but it probably won't happen tonight).  When I got home from the run last night, I needed to get in the shower ASAP.  I couldn't handle the sweat.  And then this morning I obviously left the exact perfect amount of time to run and then get ready for work.  Perhaps I'll try getting up slightly early to get in the core work, which means more and more of my run in the dark.  Wooo for winter coming!...NOT.

Besides the usual wear and tear, have you ever had clothes ruined by running?

Are you sticking to your workout plan so far this week?


  1. If I remember correctly, Dusk and Dawn were names of Pennellwood cabins! :-)

    1. No! They were Sunset and Dawn! But obviously I thought of that too as I came up with that title.