Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So Sore

I have been very sore the last 2 days from Sunday's race.  I knew I wasn't going to run yesterday and I haven't been to XSport in forever so I decided to go there to ellipticize (yes, it's a word).  I only did it for 30 minutes, but it felt good to get my legs moving without impact.  I saw 2 other Dayton Flyers at the gym - one guy I knew and one rando I saw wearing a Dayton t-shirt...which obviously means he went there.

This morning I ran 6 miles at just about 8 minute pace, which was a nice surprise when I mapped it with because I felt like I was crawling.  I wasn't sore during the run, but getting to the el and up those steps was rough.  I'm planning to just do 5-6 mile normal runs the rest of this week until my real marathon training plan starts on Monday!  I figure that should give me a nice rest after the race and prepared to start training with limited days off for the next 18 weeks.

I spent a lot of time today reading marathon training articles and still putting my plan together.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up modifying the plan week to week based on how it's going.  I definitely want to aim for higher mileage than I've done in awhile, but hopefully I won't get worn out too quickly.  I will plan to post my plan weekly.

Besides my legs, my back has been very sore since the race.  I think that means I need to work on my core strength and I think I probably slouch when I run.  I also need to learn to stretch better.  I plan to get some instruction from Jennifer - who got engaged last night!!!

I have 4 hours of TV to catch up on in the next 2 days hopefully - 2 episodes of Revolution and 1 episode of The Bachelorette.  I realized I should've gone to the gym to elliptcize yesterday DURING The Bachelorette - then maybe I would've worked out longer and not have to worry about watching it sometime this week.  After I watch, I'm sure I'll have some things to say about it and thus make my blog more exciting...my weekday life is not that exciting, but I'll try to make my posts more interesting.


  1. I'm glad we created the word ellipticize way back in the day, it has such practical uses!

  2. O and also, since I have not yet decided about my blogging status, I will document my workout here. I did 800 repeats at Olympia park yesterday, brought me back to Res XC. I actually tried to run on the hunk of concrete Res calls a track, but they now lock the gates??? (remember my horrible prediction…luckily I wasn’t locked inside like I imagined!) I also did an hour leg weights with the trainer at work and am super duper sore today, my easy run this morning was painful.