Saturday, June 29, 2013

Long Run with a Group

I ran with the Coach Brendan Running group for the first time this morning.  By running the Chicago Marathon through the Old St. Pat's Crossroads Runners charity, I am able to participate in Coach Brendan's Chicago Marathon training program for free.  The group started a few weeks ago on Saturdays, but this was the first weekend I was able to attend.  Based on the plan each person chose to follow for training, Coach Brendan had turn-around points for 10, 13, or 14 miles along the lakefront path.  I wanted to do 14 today and so did a few others.

When we started, I didn't know what to expect as far as everyone's paces or if we were all supposed to stick together or what, but I was able to fit in with a nice group of about 5 people.  After 3 miles, a guy named Mac and I were leading this small group and we didn't realize the others stopped for a quick water break and split up from them because we had just kept going.  Mac and I ran together for the remainder of the run - which ended up being 1 hour and 58 minutes total.

I miss running with people.  I especially miss running with the UDXC team.  So until I get better at taking pictures of current happenings to include on this blog, you get a picture of this wonderful team from circa 2009 :)


Running on my own is so much mentally harder to keep going.  I really don't think I would've been able to do this long of a run or this pace on my own this morning.  Mac said a few weeks ago he went out to run a marathon one morning, just on a whim (I told him about The Joe) and even though he only made it about 20 miles, he said it was a great experience with just him, Jesus, and the road.  I thought this was an interesting perspective because I always get too wrapped up in my distance, time, over-thinking about everything else going on, etc. so I don't always enjoy running.  It's like a chore that I know I have to do most days.  So I think next time I do run alone I will try to just be more calm and enjoy it.  That is probably a lot easier said than done though.

Unfortunately, no Garmin so I don't know our actual distance.  After about 2.5 miles, someone in the group at the beginning said that we were going 8:15 pace based on his Garmin.  When Mac and I split off from the others, we agreed that we were definitely going a faster pace.  He estimated close to 7:30, but I'm not sure it was quite that fast.  The effort was there though since we had to deal with a headwind for 40-50 minutes heading north.  We followed the 14 mile route Coach Brendan had but after we finished, another girl said her Garmin told her 14.3 miles.  Mac and I had went a little out of our way at the end to backtrack and find the long-sleeve shirt he ditched within the first few miles.  So I'm going to guesstimate we did 14.5 - 15 miles in 1:58, so anywhere in there would be pretty much right at 8 minute pace.  In the long run (#punintended), I shouldn't be too concerned with exact distance since it was a quality 2 hour run.

The running store where this group met was only about 1.5 miles from my apartment but that walk home felt like it was at least 5 miles.  it seemed like forever.  All I wanted was food and a shower and non-sweaty clothes.  So I made some oatmeal ASAP to get some food in me (I also did take an energy Gu on our run around mile 11 - and since we were on the lake path, we didn't stop a single time until this point which is also a bonus when running with someone else - I don't want to make someone else stop even if I am tired and want a break)  After my shower, I wanted more food so I met Rachelle at Starbucks for coffee and a bagel.  Sometimes I can convince Rachelle to run too.  But only if it's to a national monument and we wear ugly gray matching free sweatshirts.


I was also convinced to go more public with this blog and post to Facebook when I post.  So that's going to happen today.

Do you like running with others or by yourself?

What is your favorite thing to eat after a run?  I like carbs - bread, oatmeal, etc.


  1. I just wanted to be the first to comment on the blog now that it is public. Sake sake woo CSmith.

  2. Erin, I think you and I may be in trouble. I felt like I knew everyone who read this before and they would understand our weird/crazy we may be perceived by psychos if the whole public is reading this haha. But I'm glad you made it public Colleen, and don't worry, I will still leave ridic comments :)